[About the Museum]_แผนผัง

The Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum has two main buildings as follows:

The Exhibition Hall The design of the museum imitates the design of ancient Thai kilns which were built partially underground, and this inspired the idea of having the museum partially underground as well. The museum was granted the 2008 Gold Medal Award, Category: Education Building or Religious Building, and the 2009 ASA Green Award as one of the nine outstanding green buildings in Thailand. Inside the museum the permanent exhibition highlights the development of Southeast Asian ceramics. A reception area, bookshop, special exhibition space, and ceramic shard archive are also included.

[Exhibitions] plan-underground museum

The Annex The annex is the three-story building of back office and public services, which consist of offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, a library, preservation laboratory, and the main storage area. The storage and exhibition areas are connected by elevator and underground tunnel to ensure safety in moving the ceramics and changing exhibits.

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